When is a binder not a binder? When it is a ringfile!

deadends-are-overrated asked:

Hello! I am a huge fan of both your blogs & they have definitely helped reinventing my love for being crafty again. I even borrowed my aunts sewing machine for the holidays! Well I’m having bit of a trouble finding tutorials on how to make nice fabric covers for those ring files, I think that’s the name. I’m starting university in about 3 months so I figured a ring file would keep things in order but I badly want it to be pretty. And just wouldn’t it be nice to change the covers for fun?
And oh please don’t stop what you have been doing here. It’s good food for the soul. Well at least mine. :) Take care!

At first I had no idea what a ring file was or how you would slipcover one but after some googling I am pretty sure what you are referring to is what I would call a binder. (I really hope so). After that I had one slipcover already bookmarked and it was super easy to find a couple more.

This is by far my favourite but then again I am a sucker for the ‘thrown together la dee da’ artistic sort of style. (You know the kind that I couldn’t recreate if my life depended on it!) This one in particular was created by Amanda Hawkins of Ahh-Design using a notebook cover tutorial by Remains of the Day.

This is the aforementioned bookmarked link. A very easy to follow tutorial by Lola…Agian.

This one is from Whip-Up. I adore the velcro-felt closure! Tutorial found here.

Last but certainly not least is a no-sew fabric binder cover tutorial from The Creative Place. Just as pretty as a sewn slip cover this one can be done by anyone.

Thanks for the super kind words of encouragement, your message really made my day! I really hope these photos and tutorials were what you were looking for and help you create something great! Please send me photos of you make as I always love ot share readers works! Cheers,M.