Less Space More Shoes! (For girls and boys.)

sdilk asked:

Whats the best way to store shoes? I have a lot of shoes and those over the door organizers don’t hold them all. Do you hav any ideas??? Pleaseee and thank you :)

Photo credit: Michelle Lai

In my geeky opinion, the best way to store shoes is in see through dust free containers (Or containers with photos of the contents). But since, most of us haven’t the space or budget for that kind of set up I found a few other options.

The shoe pocket system that you are using now tells me you haven’t a lot of space for your shoes so what I did was look for ways to store more shoes in less space like closets and under the bed.

You can always add a Hanging 14 pocket shoe organizer. I have one of these in my closet for things like ballet flats,dress sandals, flip flops etc. You can double up a lot of pockets when you are storing shoes without heels. It cuts doen on the dust problem. When it gets too dusty I just remove the shoes and wash it with a load of towels in the washing machine. ($7.95/per organizer)

How cool is this Storage Dynamics Hidden Bed Skirt Shoe Organizer? It holds 16 pairs of shoes and is one size fits all beds. I think it is incredibly clever and you have to know it is on my wish list now! ($15.14/per organizer)

Depending on how much of the space you have already commandeered under your bed this is another option for you. This Under-The-Bed Shoe Organizer stores twelve pairs of shoes (more if they are like sandals and less if you have bulkier shoes like runners.) but it retails for $4.06 on Amazon so you could easily add more.

Salvage a worn storage ottoman into fabulous shoe storage like this this Lilly Pulitzer Home’s Rousseau ‘shoe pouf’ ottoman. I think it would make a fabulous DIY project.

I came across this nifty solution from Apartment Therapy back in February. If you have some wall space and some crown moulding you can always store your heels like this lucky lady.

Another DIY wall mounted shoe rack. This one is from Forma Living, you can find the five step tutorial here.

I am pretty sure this is my most popular post to date. Although I cannot say you can store a lot of shoes, this is probably the loveliest way to store them.

For the men…

This organizer made by Jost Litzen found via I New Idea is really quite awesome. This particular one is made from drain pipe but I am sure sono tubes would work just as well. You could also cover and/or paint sono tubes with ease.

And finally, because a post about shoe storage would not be complete without some serious shoe porn I bring you:

Christina Aguilera’s fabulous shoe closet.

This sneaker freak is Randy Mueller, Ridgefield, WA USA and more photos of his Lack wall of shoes can be found at Ikea Hackers.

Wow! That is a lot shoes and shoe storage! I hope you have enjoyed this post, but more importantly I hope you found some solutions that you think will work for you. Please do send me some pictures when you have finished your organizing! Cheers,M.

p.s. If you click on the tag shoes you will be brought to some past posts about both DIY shoe storage and some gorgeous photos of shoe collections.