Creative Magazine Storage

rxchana asked:

im looking for cute interesting ways to store my magazine collection. any help would be amazing

I love magazines. I do, crafty ones, cooking ones, gardening ones oooh and of course Better Homes & Gardens DIy ones! So I have a fair hefty collection myself. Unfortunately I store them all boring like in a dozen box board magazine holders from Ikea. Lame I know. But I have found a few fun options for you.

This is a brilliant way to dress up the very vanilla holders I use. Designed for the Swedish Museum of Architecture by Happy Forsman & Bodenfors. Have fun doodling with your Sharpie’s.

An even more adorable option than the one before! All information is at Two Straight Lines.

I love this idea. While not the cheapest it screams to the lover of repurposing in me. Full how to can be found at Curbly.

Most folks have seen this wonderfully clever bit of magazine storage from Hockenheimer.

But have you seen this gorgeous DIY version from Briggs. Half an old door and a coupe of old belts on casters. Gorgeous.

Some pretty great options eh?! I hope they help and I hope you share pictures of what you come up with! Thanks for asking such a great question! Cheers,M.