My New Studio Space!

You may have noticed that things have been quiet around here, and some have you may have noticed that before it got quiet I was posting mostly about sewing and craft room organization. There was a good reason for both of those things. We were moving into a new house, and in this house is a bigger studio than I have ever had. Ever. For serious ever. I wanted it to be brilliantly organized and equally brilliantly decorated. I think I accomplished both of those things. :)

Here are a couple photos from a blog post I did at Modern Wednesday about the new space. There is a lack of close up shots, but that is because I need a day with great light. But the post still has seven photos that I think are darling!

I am so excited to begin creating a fall line for Modern Wednesday goodness in this space. But first, I have to finish organizing every room but my kitchen and bathroom. Good thing I’m also known as The Storage Geek. ;)

Junkaholique’s 4x6’ Sewing Shed

Artemis Russell (Junk Stylist and one half of Rust Jewelry) created this space that I am just in awe of. I myself sew/create in a 5x9’ space so I know that you can create a studio anywhere, but this is just amazing. The sunshine alone is enough to make me move in. (My space is starving for natural light.) Have a look at this amazing transformation from useful to amazing (and even more useful) space.

From this!

To this!

And this!

And this!

Amazing right? Proof positive bigger is not always better (or necessary)! Head on over to the to see some more pictures and check out the beautiful blog.