Have some vintage tins laying around? Lucky you!

homophileandahalf asked:

I randomly stumbled on your blog, 45 pages later and I’m IN LOVE with your blog. It’s simply WONDERFUL and I want to organize everything in my room now.

I have a million tiny tins and boxes and baskets that I intend for storage and then never know what to put in them. They end up holding a variety of things and I never know where it all is. Do you have any kind of crafty or purposful idea for little bins?

Well shucks! Thanks, I am so happy this blog inspires so many! I once had an empty box collection that took up the top of my closet. I couldn’t part with such perfectly good boxes but alas I had to. So I totally feel you and your collection of little tins and boxes. I pulled a few ideas from my archives and found a few more.

This has to be my favourite. The little tins that are taller than they are wide make great caddies once you add magnets. (Or even nail a few to a board and hang the board.) Full tutorial found at Creature Comforts.

Ever since I found this photo back in January I have been on the hunt for vintage tins to make a tiered organizer for myself. Maybe you’ll have more luck with the ones you already have. The tutorial can be found at Better Homes & Gardens.

Not for organizing but the most wonderful use for an Altoids tin ever! Elizabeth Abernathy is one of my favourite eco-savvy bloggers and this is just one example of why. Read how she did it at her blog Elizabeth Abernathy.

As for your little boxes, if the lids come off, they make great drawer organizers. or your bigger boxes, you could cover them in pretty paper and stack them on shelves.

With baskets, I found they work best placed here i.e. bookends with items placed in them that easy and frequent access is needed such as headphones and remotes close to a stereo Ipod docking station.

When you talk about never being able to find anything I cannot stress how important labels are. In a perfect world we would all have a label maker or a printer with super sticker paper to make all of our labels uniform and sexy but even some chicken scratch on masking tape is better than trying to guess which tin is holding what.

I hope these ideas help you or have inspired you to do something else. Either way, please feel free to send me pictures of your solutions! Cheers,M.